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What can you do to improve your vision?

Nearly everyone agrees that vision is our most important sense. Regular eye exams are the first step in detecting and preventing sight-threatening problems. So many eye diseases are well managed with early intervention. Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness that is treated with simple eye drops, but people go blind because most of the time there are no symptoms until it is advanced and too late to prevent loss of sight. Macular degeneration is another leading cause of serious vision problems. We can now detect your risk and intervene to prevent vision loss with a simple supplement, Macuhealth, that also also improves contrast sensitivity to make vision clearer. Studies prove that Macuhealth improves memory and can even help people with Alzheimer's. Here's what our optometrists do to help their eyes:

1) Wear glasses, sunglasses and safety glasses with ultraviolet and blue blocking treatments.

2) Take Macuhealth daily. Eat green leafy vegetables and yellow, orange and red vegetables. This maximizes protective pigments in the retina to prevent macular degeneration.

3) Wear stress relieving glasses for computer and other digital screens.

4) Exercise regularly (improves circulation to all parts of the body including the eye).

5) Avoid smoking and second hand smoke.

6) Have regular eye examinations to detect problems and optimize vision efficiency

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